Scriptural Ground

But in the church I would rather speak five intelligible words to instruct others than ten thousand words in a tongue (1 Corinthians 14:19 NIV).

Prayer of Approach

Sovereign Lord, it is to be of service to others that you have placed me in your household of faith. Put before me that which you intend me to address as I seek to be an effective representative of your presence among those with whom you have called me to serve. Strengthen me in the knowledge of the contribution that you want me to make as you continue your work of expanding your influence where you have placed me. Overthrow the efforts to make my presence of no value to those around me as you release me to let your presence act through me for good in every way. Draw me closer to you that your ways may become the ways that I embrace as I seek to represent you in this world. Through the living Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, receive this prayer. Amen.

A Moment With God

It is the ability to communicate the presence of God that gives us particular value in the life of the church. We must make every effort to develop the personal relationship with Christ that draws us into an understanding of the God whom we serve. We must saturate our minds with the thoughts that come from Him. We must discover the ways in which He expects us to function. As His presence takes hold of us in greater measure through the time that we spend with Him, it will determine how we respond to the various situations in which we find ourselves as members of the body of believers with whom we worship. The community of Christ is able to grow in Christlikeness as those who belong to it seek to bring alive in its various activities what has been learned of the presence of Christ.