Scriptural Ground


But you, dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit. (Jude 20 NIV)


Prayer of Approach


Almighty God, you are the God who calls us to have faith in you. You are worthy of our faith for in countless generations you have faithfully fulfilled your promises. You are the God who saves. You defend those who have faith in you. You work to destroy the stranglehold of evil upon the lives of those who turn to you for salvation. Out of a relationship with you there comes appropriate guidance for life and living. Surely you are the God who makes all things new. Continue your work of pointing me to the corridors of life in which I should walk that your Name may be glorified in my life. Set before me the ways of life that I may share them with those who are being bound by the enemy for destruction. Direct my mind to your Word of truth that I may become more deeply acquainted with your promises. Teach me to depend upon you as my life unfolds day by day. Receive this prayer in the Name of the living Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.


A Moment With God


The call to build up ourselves in faith is a call that we cannot ignore if we want our experience of the presence of God to be deepened in our lives. We neglect this advice to our peril. Nothing is more needed than an understanding of the ways of life to which God has called us. These ways are charted for us through the pages of Holy Scripture and the lives of many described therein. As we turn to what is written we discover that God has not changed His eternal objectives for us. Prayerful reflection on the experience of others in whose lives He is known to have worked brings forth the guidance of the Holy Spirit for our own lives. Surely we can testify that this true. Let us then discover again and again that what we have received in Christ is sufficient for us on which to build. Let us start where we are and search for that which points the way forward for us as we consider our situation in the light of what is written and let us discover that the God whom we serve is able to show us the way out of darkness and into His light. Let us pray that this revelation may become real in our lives.