Scriptural Ground


Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart (Hebrews 12:3 NIV).


Prayer of Approach


Eternal God, you know the times when I am tempted to give up. You are aware of those occasions in my life when your presence seemed far away from me. You know when I have been plagued with thoughts that could not have come from you, thoughts that wanted to pull me away from your will for my life. Grant me grace to fix my attention upon Jesus, my Saviour. Let me ponder His commitment to your will for His life. Let me be reminded of His love for you and true desire to do your will. Grant me the ability to recognize the ways in which you are drawing me nearer to you for the strengthening that I need to pursue your directions for my life. Teach me your ways of life that I may walk in them for your honour, for your glory and for your praise.

Through the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, receive this prayer.



A Moment With God


It is when we find ourselves confronted by obstacles in our paths that we find ourselves being tested concerning our commitment to pursuing what is right. There are always hindrances that arise as one seeks to fulfill an objective given by God for our lives. At times we can find ourselves so challenged by the opposition that arises that our faith in God is severely tested. It is good to remind ourselves that as long as we are alive the One whom we serve, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, was called upon to bear much more than what we have been going through in our circumstances. The extent of His suffering as He pursued the path laid out for Him in obedience to the Word of God ought to encourage us to believe that the opposition that confronts us in our efforts to be faithful to God is but a fraction of what our Saviour faced on our behalf. We must not allow our present sufferings to dissuade us from believing that what has been committed to our lives must be pursued to completion.