Scriptural Ground


They were all filled with awe and praised God. “A great prophet has appeared among us,” they said. “God has come to help his people.” (Luke 7:16 NIV).


Prayer of Approach


You want people to know of your reality, O God. You make every effort to unveil your divine presence overshadowing life in the world. Surely you are the God who wants to be found by us. Open our eyes, then, to behold your glory. Cause our ears to hear of your wonderful deeds. From our lips let praise arise before your throne that governs all. Be the God who is present in our lives. Be the God who acts to save us from disaster. Be the God who directs our path aright. Let our ears be attentive to your Word. Deepen our desire to know you that we may not cease to search for your presence at work for good among us. Give us hearts that will be truly devoted to you that your wonders may come to be made known through our lives. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, hear this prayer. Amen.


A Moment With God


It is to this end that God calls us to live. Through our lives we are to manifest the presence of Almighty God. Through our encounters with the problems of life and our ability to overcome them there ought to be the recognition that we are not alone. What is accomplished in our efforts needs to testify that Almighty God has guided us as we have focussed our attention upon His will. We are the ones through whom He has chosen to work and our lives must reflect that fact. We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by what is not of true value in His sight. We must be deeply acquainted with the directions in which His will unfolds. Time spent with Him is therefore well-invested time as it can enlarge our vision of the God we serve. When His supremacy is unquestioned in our minds in the face of occurrences that could be injurious to our well-being then we are able to perceive what needs to be done in order to avert the development of further calamity. Through our openness to receive His message of direction we can achieve what will bring glory to Him.