Scriptural Ground


Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. (Colossians 4:2 NIV)


Prayer of Approach


You know, O God, what is required of me in the paths of life to which I have been called. You know the obstacles I face. You know the impediments against me. You know the difficulties that arise. You know the struggles that I must endure. Fill me with a true desire to draw near to you each day that I may be renewed through communication with you to attain the objectives that you have for me each day. Lead me away from sin. Teach me to be sensitive to your prompting that I may follow where you lead. Set me free from the sins of the past. Cause me to rejoice in your presence with me. Teach me to be thankful for the ways in which you lead me along the paths of life. Shield me from the onslaught of evil. Give me insight into what is required of me in all of the circumstances of life.

Through the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, receive this prayer.



A Moment With God


It is necessary to pray. The greater the priority given to this practice, the clearer the perspective on living becomes. In the presence of the living God insight is given into how we may approach the situations before us in order to bring to life what is pleasing in the sight of God. We must ever be mindful of the influences around us that are opposed to what God requires. Being attentive to what is the outcome of our efforts as we seek to serve God can provide for us ideas concerning how we should proceed when we meet with God in prayer. It is attention to these details in prayer that can lay down the proper foundation for true thanksgiving at an appropriate time. When we have been prepared to grant ourselves the time for prayer that brings us into an encounter with the living Saviour we are granted the ability to perceive what previously we would have overlooked that we might once more return to that place of prayer for action out of which thanksgiving can arise.