Scriptural Ground


And if a revelation comes to someone who is sitting down, the first speaker should stop (1 Corinthians 14:30 NIV).


Prayer of Approach


Lord Jesus Christ, surely you are the One who promotes order in your church. You act through your people. You give knowledge to those who are open to your leading. Surely you are the God who brings to pass His will. You are the One who is to be exalted, praised, worshipped, obeyed and trusted. You hold the future in your hands. Direct me aright, Lord Jesus, in the midst of what has been happening around me. Turn my attention to you and let me see things from your perspective.  Draw me into deeper fellowship with you that I may withstand the invitations to depart from your will and purposes for my life. Help me not to be distracted from the goal of knowing your ways and walking in them. Continue to establish your presence in my life. Continue to bring the knowledge of your will before me. Continue to secure your interests in developing the life of the Body Of Christ. Hear and receive this prayer for it is offered in your exalted Name. Amen.


A Moment With God


The way of God is to work through those who are prepared to listen to Him. He does reveal His mind to His people. Blessed is the one who is privileged to sit in the company of those who have been able to communicate what is in the mind of God to others. Within this blessed company there is the desire to know all that there is to know from the Lord Jesus Christ. Communications that are not transmitted are of no value to those who are seeking the mind of Almighty God concerning some particular endeavour. It is willingness to listen to what is revealed that leads the company along the path that leads to a final decision that reflects the mind of the Lord Jesus Christ in the matter under consideration. It is therefore prudent to be open to all that is being made known through those who are charged with the responsibility of reflecting the mind of Almighty God in the given situation. When all is heard from these responsible persons then an appropriate decision can be made.