Scriptural Ground


We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves. (Romans 15:1 NIV)


Prayer of Approach


Your presence, Almighty God, is a source of strength to those who seek you out. You sustain the weary. You comfort the wounded. You strengthen the weak. Surely your presence is a source of renewal to the church. Draw near this day to grant your direction for you are the God who saves. Cause my mind to embrace your truths. Let my soul rejoice in your salvation. Let me perceive your divine reality at work in me. Renew my appreciation for what is required of those who have drawn near to you. Work through the strong to bring renewal to those who are in need of the ability to endure in the difficult circumstances of life. Forgive those whose wounds have crippled their ability to serve. Draw near with your healing power to bring forth life once again. Renew the commitment of those who have turned away from you that once again they may enter into your presence with rejoicing. Through the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ receive this prayer. Amen.


A Moment With God


Isn’t this the reality of the church? We would like to know that the members are all strong. However, time and time again we are confronted with the truth that there are those who are weak. Such persons are overcome by what would not propel the strong along paths that lead to destruction. Where some are strong others are weak. Even those who are strong can at times find themselves weak. We must therefore be ever mindful that the need of the weak in their time of failure may very well turn out to be our very own when where we are weak is examined by the circumstances of life. Strength then ought not to be self-centered. Strength ought to be exhibited in the ability to offer what is needed in the time of failure of the one whose weakness has been made known.