Scriptural Ground


They must be silenced, because they are ruining whole households by teaching things they ought not to teach—and that for the sake of dishonest gain (Titus 1:11 NIV).


Prayer of Approach


Merciful God who reigns over all, you are not unmindful of what is needed by your people. You want your people to know you. You want your people to worship you. You want your people to learn how to walk in your paths for them. Be the God who saves your people from distress. Be the God who makes all things new. Be the God who acts against the enemy of righteousness.

Instill in the hearts of those who know you a true and sincere desire to follow where you lead. Anoint those whom you appoint to lead with your Holy Spirit in such measure that your presence is evident in their lives. Protect the community of faith from those who are imposters, from those who are seeking influence in the lives of your people for their own selfish ends, from those who want to take charge of what you are building in the lives of those who belong to you for their own self-interests and not for your glory. Preserve what is right in the congregation of your people. Exert your influence for good among all that your Name may be glorified.

Receive this prayer through the living Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.



A Moment With God


At times there is an influence that arises among the people of God that is prepared to turn attention away from the presence of God. Instead, the desire is to focus attention upon the achievements of certain individuals at the expense of true humility before God. The Christian soul must be mindful always of the dependence on Christ that is necessary in order to produce fruit of any value for the Master. Where such humble dependence upon Christ is not encouraged or deliberately avoided those in the household of God must recognize that an alien influence is at work among them. This influence eventually seeks to exalt itself in such a manner that it is prepared to put aside any appearance of adherence to what is established by God. Its own teaching begins to emerge that is at variance with known godly standards for the household of God. Too often this becomes evident to the godly observer only after many souls are already ensnared by the alien influence. Nevertheless, it is the duty of those who are able to recognize the presence of this alien influence to silence it.