Scriptural Ground

So then, welcome him in the Lord with great joy, and honor people like him, Philippians 2:29 NIV).

Prayer of Approach

You, O God, are the source of life. You are able to bring blessing to the lives of those around us as we submit ourselves to you and do your will. Be at work in me that those who encounter me may be touched by your presence. Let me know your Word of truth that I may speak it into the situations which confront me. Stand by me in moments of decision-making to guide my thoughts along the paths of your will that I may represent your presence faithfully. Draw me into a deeper awareness of what you require of me that I may pursue your objectives and so bring your blessing upon those with whom I share life. Through the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, receive this prayer. Amen.

A Moment With God

Have you been living your life in such a manner as to bring forth the blessing of God upon those whom you meet? Where there is true commitment to pursing the objectives that are in agreement with what it is God requires there are those who will welcome your presence with open arms and a warm heart. This is because they have discovered that when you arrive, the God whom they seek will manifest His presence. The response of such persons who are focussed on knowing God more deeply opens the way for the blessing that brings forth renewal to be made manifest. Life in Christ is surely built up through such encounters.