Scriptural Ground

The children of your sister, who is chosen by God, send their greetings (2 John 1:13 NIV).

Prayer of Approach

Faithful God, you have brought into relationship with yourself those persons who have been responding to the call to serve you in Christ Jesus. You have granted them membership in your household of faith. It is you who work through them to achieve your purposes. How valuable it is to have the opportunity to learn more about you and your ways through interacting with other persons whom you have been transforming through drawing them closer to yourself! Turn my attention to what you want me to learn from others as we journey together in the walk of faith. Encourage me to serve you more faithfully that it may be possible to strengthen the faith of someone else through my life.

Receive this prayer for it is offered through the living Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

A Moment With God

How easy it is not to notice when Almighty God is seeking to get our attention through the life of someone else who is a member of the household of faith. It is unfortunate when we turn away from what God is trying to say to us by ignoring that person who wished to interact with us. Although we may not think that there will be anything of value to arise out of time spent with them, it is very possible that the opposite may be true. As we are attentive to the experiences of those around us, much can be learnt that will be of benefit to our own lives. There can be occasions when we can be encouraged to walk more closely with the Saviour. At other times there can be affirmation that we are going along the path of blessing. We may also discover that, contrary to our analysis of the situation, the presence of God has been at work. May we truly draw from the lives of those with whom we share life an understanding of the work of God that deepens our faith in Him.