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Firmly Founded Ministries arises out of the pastoral ministry of The Rev. Albert M. H. Bailey B.Sc. (Mt. A.), M.Sc. (U.W.I.), L.Th. (S.A.T.C.), B.D. (London) 

The Rev. A. M. H. Bailey was ordained to the Ministry of the Word and Sacraments in the Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago on 17th October 1993.

The Rev. Bailey is married to Ramona and their two children are named Aryn and Arianne.

The ministry entrusted to The Rev. Albert M. H. Bailey receives life through interaction with the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; is ordered by humble submission to the revealed will of God; pursues objectives supported by the Spirit of the living God.

Firmly Founded Ministries represents the work of more than twenty-one years of service offered through involvement in the Ministry of the Word and Sacraments.

During this time leadership has been offered by The Rev. Albert M. H. Bailey directly to nineteen congregations of the Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago as the Minister in four Pastoral Regions.

In assisting congregations to develop their relationships with the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Bible Study and Prayer have been emphasized.

In each congregation served, the Prayer Tower has been introduced and in each Pastoral Region served, the Regional Prayer Assembly has been formed. At the inter-regional level within the same Presbytery the Prayer Conference has been convened. Prayer Links has come together linking gatherings for prayer offered in different parts of the country. Apart from Bible Study offered at the local and regional levels, each of these gatherings for prayer include an essential Bible Study component.

Congregational life has also been supported by the introduction of the Spiritual Warfare Prayer Fellowship that acts to enhance the spiritual atmosphere in which the congregation lives and the wider life of the church unfolds.

In addition to serving as the Chairperson of Session, the Court responsible for the unfolding of life in each of these Pastoral Regions, The Rev. Albert M. H. Bailey has also served elsewhere in the church in the following capacities:

1. Secretary of the Editorial Committee of the "Trinidad Presbyterian" - the official publication of the Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago;

2. Convenor of the Grievance Committee;

3. Chaplain of the Board of Men of Synod;

4. Chairperson of the Board of Theological Education of Synod;

5. Vice-Chairperson of the Northern Presbytery;

6. Chairperson of the Northern Presbytery;

7. Presbyterian Chaplain to the St. Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies;

8. Chairperson of the Judicial Committee of Synod.

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