Establishing yourself on the path of forgiveness is possible through the use of the following Order of Worship on a regular basis or as often as the Lord leads.

Renew Your Protection.pdf Renew Your Protection.pdf
Size : 88.813 Kb
Type : pdf

The prayer below is useful to those who are in need of release from fear.

Prayer Against Fear.pdf Prayer Against Fear.pdf
Size : 45.315 Kb
Type : pdf

 It is appropriate to prepare to exert an influence for Christ where service is offered through membership in the community of Christ. The following document offers assistance for those who serve.

For Godly Order.pdf For Godly Order.pdf
Size : 53.36 Kb
Type : pdf

The following Order of Worship has been effective in establishing the presence of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in a place of dwelling or business.

Blessing With Christ's Presence.pdf Blessing With Christ's Presence.pdf
Size : 62.553 Kb
Type : pdf
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