Prayer Links


To provide an atmosphere supportive of growth for those persons who are gathered together for prayer from various localities in the church.


To establish interconnectedness among those who meet for prayer in various localities in the church that will lead to further encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayer Links meets for Advent Prayer and Pentecost Prayer as the Christian calendar unfolds during the year.

The Prayer Tower

The Prayer Tower brings together members of the church in a particular locality for encounter with God through the discussion of a Bible Reading which leads into prayer.

The Prayer Tower.pdf The Prayer Tower.pdf
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The Regional Prayer Assembly 


The Regional Prayer Assembly provides, for those who share in the life of the Prayer Towers in a particular Pastoral Region, wider support for the experience of corporate prayer.


The Prayer Conference 



The Prayer Conference encourages the linking together of a number of Regional Prayer Assemblies and their associated Prayer Towers for a wider expression of corporate prayer.

The North-Eastern Prayer Conference

The last meeting of this Prayer Conference took place at the Valencia High School on Saturday, 9th April 2011. This Conference was first held on Saturday, 24th September 2005 and at its last gathering was able to attract an increase in attendance of more than 50% over what was recorded for the inaugural event from congregations in the north-eastern area of the Church. The Theme Address is included below as a downloadable file.

Theme Address 2011.pdf Theme Address 2011.pdf
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